Passed Appetizers (choose 3)

Stuffed Figs with Pistachio Chevre wrapped in thinly sliced prosciutto and drizzled with a fig-balsamic reduction
Beef Carpaccio seared beef filet with watercress pesto on crostini (cold)
Seared Yellowtail on a wonton crisp with ponzu and sriracha aioli (cold)
Gorgonzola Galette with smashed cranberry
Crusted Pumpkin Bites skewered and sprinkled with lemon zest, thyme, and microplaned Parmesan
Crispy Polenta Squares topped with burrata and roasted tomato relish (cold)

Served Dinner
Menu Option One

Course One
Arugula and Soft Herbs fennel, seared Haloumi, and Mission figs

Course Two
Roasted Spaghetti Squash hazelnut-sage pesto and fresh grated nutmeg

Course Three
Black Cod and cherry tomato confit over risotto of radicchio, rosemary, and red wine

Menu Option Two
Course One
Eggplant Velloute with brandy-braised figs

Course Two
Wild Arugula and Mache with pistachio and thyme-crusted chevre medallions, house pickled grapes, and spiced candied pecans

Course Three
Duck Breast and Confit Leg daikon, watermelon radish, spinach, port-marinated figs

Menu Option Three
Course One
Mache and Endive with burrata and sliced Fuyu persimmons and Anjou pears

Course Two
Artichoke Linguine Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke heart, and fresh mint

Course Three
Seafood en Brodo white fish and clams with tarragon pesto in saffron-scented broth