Catering Concierge connects you with the perfect caterers and service styles. All events will be custom tailored to your needs in order to elevate the guest experience. Choose from any of the options below or call us to discuss what you might have in mind. We love to create and be challenged.


Multi-Course Plated Dinners

Seated or plated dining is a more traditional, formal option and often chosen for weddings, galas, and special celebrations. Table settings set the mood for these special food experiences.

Heavy Passed Appetizers or Dinner by the Bite

A mix of hot and/or cold food bites which sometimes are mini versions of dishes that could traditionally be served as part of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Like an extended cocktail hour, it includes a large selection of bite-sized portions, enough in quantity and variety to create a full meal.  When the goal is for guests to mingle and network, this is a perfect choice.


A meal consisting of several dishes including main entrees, sides and desserts from which your guests can serve themselves, or, if you prefer, be served by our catering waitstaff.

Food Station

Also known as a “miniature buffet”, food stations are typically scattered around the room to encourage a more social dining experience. The benefit of food stations for large gatherings over a single-table buffet is that it prevents congestion in one area and allows mobility and flow in and throughout the overall space. Serving attendants can be present at each of the food stations.

Grazing Station

These stations invite guests to drop by and snack throughout the event. They typically include dips, cheeses, fruits, crackers, vegetable crudites, meats, olives and a selection of breads but can also be customized for any meal at any time of day including brunch, english tea, dessert, etc.

Family Style Dining

Also referred to as “large-format dining”, food is served on generous platters designed for sharing.  Rather than each guest being served an individual plate, guests serve themselves from the platters on the table. When you want your guests to get to know each other there is nothing that encourages conversation more than “pass the salmon”.

Drop-Off Catering

Packaged food will be delivered directly to your venue pre-cooked and ready to serve. Set up staff is available depending on your needs. 


Sushi/Sashimi Station

Omelette Station

Grilling/BBQ Station

Pasta Station




Let’s Explore Your Options